Thursday, March 30, 2017

Music is Life's Art in Motion

A lyric from one of my tunes "Someday never comes; the rainy day is here now". You do not "try" to do anything. Instant excuse for why you didn't "do" what you were going to do. It's Yoda here "there is no try; just do". It's true. Loved your post. I chose to live my dreams at a very, very young age. Single digits. Younger people maybe should check into their souls rather than their cells knowing that their hearts will have no fuel should they not follow their passion and live their dreams. Never give up, for any never give up. Peace Out, Melody Fellows Music 
Here I go again....

I sang this for Janis on the 46th Anniversary of her passing October 4th, 1970. Mercedes Benz by me in 2016 in California and Florida...Coast to Coast Tribute. My area in Northern California I learned through her sister Laura's book that Janis LOVED it here. Music rocks.
Is is Live or is it Memorex? Is it Janis or is it Melody? It was my honor to release this. Peace Out People

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Live Your Dreams; Fly With Them!

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling the grateful opportunity to share music with the world.. I'm dream weaving today crossing the highways of helps to forget, soothe and empower anyone's pain dragging them down. Never Give Up. Fly like an eagle always.
Peace Out!

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Future of Music is Here; Listen in the Key of Balance!

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower power flashing this way. The future of music is indeed here; live in the key of balance first. Tapping the souls of new generations by using space for a beautiful harmony to bridge the gap in these troubled times creates the love needed to keep our love alive to thrive. Live your truth & peace and rise to the higher side of comfort living our life between the keys. Music heals fractured spirits & broken hearts; we are now in a make the waves era in society; the surf is up people... beyond the likes of any waves you've ever seen or surfed at a Mavericks competition in Half Moon Bay, CA

Dive straight away into the tumultuous waves rising right now and erase your fear of the unknown. We must be the change; the change does not change our passion...It fuels it. We have the power and inspiration to right any wrongs and add to the love maybe we all would like to see happen within all people all over the world...on a love train. Mainly....You Never Give Up—Ever...for any reason. Music is a life saver; always return to the source when you're low on fuel & recharge often.

Sometimes, you have to turn it down to turn it up.
We can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
Love is love everybody; there is no color or party lines. We see crystal clear 24/7 when your heart lives mindfully toward peace, not divided hate
We the people are not just drops in our Pacific ocean; we're also the ocean behind the drops when we are united as one.

Music also serves up love; it grooves to your soul uniting people with no language barriers simply by sharing the gift of song. Music calms contentious protests; many just began to sing in Berkeley earlier this month rather than rip each others throats apart from pain and fear by both sides wishing to exercise their free speech rights. Hate and pain does not make nor get any point across.

Freedom of speech through these paths leads to nothing but additional heightened hate and zero positivity or anything constructively accomplished. Committing ourselves to continue to inspire the next generation of people whom also deeply care about life, our country, the world, our earth is the key to being the change; live your example.

Peter Frampton retro tune "Oh won't me the way...everyday?"
There happens to be more power in words than there are in destroying property that is not yours so you can blow a little steam and feel you've made a point and got your 15 minutes of fame as they haul you off to jail after being tear gasses and tasered.

Music is universal and everyone speaks it. Music is felt; it's not just heard. Ask any person challenged with hearing loss. Music is felt...bones are conductors of it should one have lost their hearing.
Continue to grow with our earth while standing tall to protect it, and stand for something larger than yourself
Practice situational awareness and react accordingly to how that situation is affecting the people around you & resist the temptation to think first about how things are affecting you. Practice peace and mindful thinking the next time a choice arises to speak to your convictions and do so without harm, pain and destruction.

10-4-2016 Impromptu Tribute one the 46th Anniversary of Janis' passing. I sang the last song she ever recorded. It happened to be that coming Tuesday night and I knew I had to just make it happen in her honor. It was epic to my heart. I contacted her sister Laura and brother Mike to let them know my intent to honor her legacy with a song I've been told I do wicked justice to it. I never really knew that; I sing from my soul. I tap into that passion from there.

Peace Out to you! Melody

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 creating Peace, Note by Note!

Turn out the lights, turn out the lights. I barely made this fave day from 'get outta Denver baby go, go' by a hair on my Witchy-poo chin...barely made it. Slept a few winks...3 or 4 & rise & shine...NOT. I rose from the sleepwalking dead, no costume, nothing prepared cuz I'd flown out on a whim for a show and do a show and cut it close to make sure I was here at the Hotel Home Sweet Home. I truly missed here and now my heart is not left in San Franciso or anywhere else...Home really is where your heart is period. So, I pieced this little ditty together costume with Lindsey Buckingham for President and then sung a little ditty before all the little kiddies started showing up tonight...minus the two men...

ok, I'll call them young but they had mustaches and beards...not peach fuzz with baritones Pavarotti might enjoy. Maybe the disguises were to hide from the fuzz? Truth be told, there was no peach fuzz. These two were 20 at best. All the others were so joyful and it's so cool that even though I didn't think I could be here, it happened anyway..despite or inspite of me. LOL
I had to create my own magic with all the scary and spooky things lurking about yesterday and pretty much the whole trip. Life is a trip; it's not a cliche'. I still can learn to know that's I've only ust begun & I don't know diddly squat...I do know Bo Diddly Rocked.

Peace & Love Out to you & espcially everyone on the stormy weather delayed flight last night. It was nice meeting and riding the storm out while the Captain rose above it. Fly high....Freebird. Live your dreams; live your truth. Rock & Roll & Vote your Goal. Create where you & our America to be & VOTE!
SPECIAL NOTE FROM MELODY: Grateful thanks to the Captain & Crew of United Airlines flight last night. Your pure brilliance & sheer magical Great Pumpkin love..our full plane of passengers & your crew are ghouling it with big Great Pumpkin Grins. You chose to rise above the storm clouds.
That's a lesson I've always known & seldom conquer...I know firsthand this is pure truth. Calm....
Melody Fellows Music

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fireworks 2016

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way with "Just All Right" receiving a Grammy Nomination. I pinch myself often. I feel music behind the lyrics. I don't hear melody. I feel it.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, Game 7 of the NBA's Championship game between our Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers. Talk about down to bird on the wire. Most importantly, the moon is nearly full like the photo below & it's in a full tilt moon boogie on Monday which is the first day of Summer Breeze...makes me feel fine....My Peace & Love Still Out There to Orlando's Pulse Nightclub massacre victims, family & friends!

Peace returns with the truth unfolding; hundreds if not thousands of silent vigils are being held throughout America & all around the world. We are all angels together sending love & empowerment. Words are not necessary; neither are wings for the message we're delivering to the world. Music heals & empowers our souls to thrive & shine through the darkness.
Peace & Love Out, Melody

Thursday, March 31, 2016


This is a  bitter sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century March 31st, 2016. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way. Peace Out! David and Glen Frey (Eagles) left their mark and numerous more...beyond what I can share in impact. BUT...

Tonight March 31st, 2016 from Carnegie Hall is a DAVID BOWIE TRIBUTE CONCERT you can stream on the radio live.

APRIL 1st, 2016....No Foolin'...You go to this site and you can watch this DAVID BOWIE TRIBUTE with even more legends such as one of mine being Ann and Nancy Wilson of HEART. 20 bands and this one can be viewed. RIP DAVID...your brilliance and visionary work is missed and loved at the same time for what you have shared with the world.
Peace Out, Melody Fellows

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Peace is in the Air; Rock Stars do Live 10-3-2015

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way. September was spectacularly surreal, unreal & not a dream I wish to live again. I'm still standing! Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. This was a littler too close to you on that Stairway to Heaven last month. I'm healing well & wish to thank all my fans supportive LOVE with my whole heart. Peace Out! Melody....the beat goes on....drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain....LMAO

Saturday, July 04, 2015

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way. Peace Out!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Never Give Up...Ever...For Any Reason...EVER!

I'm ‪#‎learning‬ how we're ‪#‎perceived‬ is ‪#‎senseless‬ to keep replaying in your ‪#‎heart‬. You ‪#‎pay‬ once for a ‪#‎shiny‬ apple, not over & over to ‪#‎infinity‬ for the same apple.
‪#‎Opinions‬ are just that, opinions. Living your ‪#‎truth‬ & dreams is an ‪#‎art‬ form on your ‪#‎journey‬. You'll ‪#‎stumble‬, screw up & still ‪#‎shine‬ following your ‪#‎passion‬..sometimes simultaneously.
‪#‎Grow‬ where you're ‪#‎planted‬, not where you're growing to be. ‪#‎NeverGiveUp‬
‪#‎PeaceOut‬, ‪Always..........#‎MelodyFellows‬

Da Plane...Da Musical Peace Freight Train

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling brightly and lighting my way.
Sometimes, trains have wings & pigs do fly and brooms aren't just used for sweeping one off their feet.

People soar in ways that work best. Peace & Love Out

Friday, January 23, 2015

As you rise, there is clarity.....pulling the shades down will never leave you blind....ever! Unless you're pulling wool over your eyes. LOL

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding right this second in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way.
Peace Out!

Instagram is calling:
Twitter rang a bell too:

Facebook Calls! Please more Page Likes

Grammy Nominated  2014"Just All Right"
To perform "live" January 2014 56th Annual Grammy Awards had the song won!

2014's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Monday, November 10, 2014

BMI Affiliated Artist Melody Fellows is part of the Family 11-7-14

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Well guys, one of the most exciting things happened to me yesterday. BMI accepted my music as one of their BMI Affiliated Artists now under contract with them immediately. 77% of all the winners of this year's CMA Awards are all BMI Affiliated Artists. I cannot begin to even describe how I feel right now on any level other than again, it's time to hit my surrealistic pillow and make sure I'm not just dreaming. I woke up today and actually got online to read their letter of congratulations to me just to make sure. Yep, I really did. I actually do live my dreams. My agent knows, 4 friends in CA and a Barista. I've not even told my family. I guess I have to just make sure this is all really real? Or not...I don't know.

Last week, Taylor Swift re-signed with BMI. This is my first time under contract with BMI. or anybody for that matter as I had always been an Indie Artist doing quite well in many foreign countries.  I am more than stoked and even more than surreal. 

I too am removing myself from Spotify like 1,000's of songwriters and proud to be with BMI. Their CEO has been meeting with the DOJ to address Congress with regard to coming into the 21st century: artist's are being screwed and new laws need to address internet radio airplay for artist royalties. Spotify made 794,000 from my music, and I received my 1st royalty check for $13.18.  Taylor Swift made 7 million and Spotify made 19 million etc...This is just criminal.  The laws are still written from 20th century standards and this new medium for music well...I've not even been on iTunes for 2 years yet. This is how new it is and why all the new internet stations are paying artists .02 cents. No typo. LOL

I sing for smiles when I can out of love for the countries in which my music is very popular; I don't sing for the things money can't buy. I do need to eat & pay my mortgage too & all any of us are screaming for is to be paid fairly for our craft...Musicians airing on 100's of Internet Radio Stations right now such as I need 21st century laws in place for us. I appreciate all my new fans listening to my passion in life....songwriting. There is no doubt here, and I humbly thank you for your support because it is you who've gotten me to BMI. 

I'd like to request my newer fans and those from the very start  when this music freight train began to go ahead and hit my "Melody Fellows Music" Facebook "LIKE tab  
& "FOLLOW" me on Twitter 

And Instagram The more support my music gets from everyone posting how much they enjoy my music  the more it draws attention to gigantic entities such as BMI....And *Poof*...look what happens. Hitting those 3 mediums isn't too daunting; nevertheless, I'm leaving their links for ease on searching this request to you. This gives my music the advertisers Exorcist "head spin" good cause to support to continue recording and share the only gift worth sharing I've got.....Me, the writing of the best tunes I have in my heart, spirit and soul.

Man, I'm truly blown away....I always knew I'd be a rock star from single digit years. I let less supportive comments from some family to pierce sometimes, when actually....totally, this inspired me to persist even stronger. Two comments still fuel me to this day: "when are you gonna be a real rock star" and "maybe voice lessons would help" These comments to this moment I see as my gifts and fueled my young & older soul. Well, my 'fanily'....Your support is unbelievably overwhelming and that support got me here. 

Yes, I AM A ROCKSTAR. Let's see...On 12-12-12, my music was accepted by iTunes.  Dec 2013, "Just All Right" airing on YouTube  at

 was nominated for Best Unsigned Independent Artist/Live Performance. This is a new category honoring the 21st century for Indie Artists carving their own path that caused the Grammy's to create an entry for these artists.  And now...Yesterda....11-7-14 I am a confirmed, accepted member of BMI affiliated Artists happily flying with their wingspan...Lastly I donated and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge frenzy in August 2014. This also is on YouTube.

Never give up in or on your life's passion and dreams. Always live & speak your truth. 
Peace Out to you and thank everyone of you who's listening to my music on your fave Internet stations and sending so much fan mail support!  You do indeed make a difference to my life and empower me to continue to grow where I'm planted. Peace Out to you, Melody Fellows

Thursday, October 02, 2014



I've lived my truth on the humble side of life to a fault at times, I'm riding this wave no matter how intensely high it rises AND I also really feel the groove and the need to thank the people from my WHOLE HEART whom have shown how much they believed in this dream as much as I. I thank the people whom haven't given me the time of day I craved so desperately too. Your silence kept me golden to my truth and made me strong enough to handle what is happening with my career now. Oddly, I thank you for being exactly what I've known you to be. It built my strength. I could not however have soldiered on without the support from the Philippines, Australia, Egypt, New Zealand, Vanuatu and sadly, my very own country has been last to jump on the MUSICAL PEACE FREIGHT TRAIN; nevertheless, it seems a plethora of states radio stations are now airing my tunes too. So thank you all.

I wish my Grammy were here to see this as I live this dream happening in real time....she's here in a way though because she always told me this was going to happen and that I must never give up and be prepared and then "you will see magic happen". Well, were correct. It's magic happening in real time. As I type this right this second, I'm airing around the world. It's not the way music was when you were still physically here; Steve Jobs altered the entire music business completely off their proverbial staunch rockers. The book is being written as all artists are living it in the moment in the 21st century. The airwaves of the future are here and I'm riding these waves with peaceful precision as if it's just natural. Thank you for always believing in me no matter what.

It'd help a lot to "like me" on FACEBOOK and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. It's a lame marketing tool to my soul, but it's what the world wants at the moment. My career will sink without the sponsors, this much is true. So, if you haven't liked the page, please make it happen...unless you don't like my music...then don't. I only want true lovers of real rock and roll...not hangers on peeps. Thank you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Melody's on the Radio...All over the World...On Top of it Too!

Well, well, well...never in a zillion light years did I think the trajectory of my musical career would go beyond this hemisphere, and not only did it happen happened again yesterday. Only this time, I don't have to fly 19 hours to Egypt, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand or Vanuatu to be interviewed "live" on the air before the stations play my music. My favorite DJ on earth is Kira in Vanuatu.

RIP Steve Jobs. You changed the world; your vision completely expanded my heart's vision for the opportunity to spread fantastic music for people whom otherwise never got the chance to see a rock star in person on their island with no landing strip...unless I flew there myself with my equipment and loaded up into a banca boat to go to various islands and for SMILES. You hold my HEART.

Internet radio on iTUNES, GOOGLE PLAY & JANGO are giving my fans the same love of fantastic music straight to their hearts & ears; you are not forgotten and these songs are for you. I miss the happiest people on earth in Vanuatu very much.  I miss my driver Rey & his family in the Philippines too. You can listen to my music on Internet Radio now with ease...also...Here's a sample of links to Melody Fellows' Music on Internet Radio:

Download what you're loving to hear on the radio....FIND MELODY'S TUNES ON ITUNES



As always, follow me on TWITTER whenever a TWEET MOVES YOU. 




Thursday, August 21, 2014


On Sunday, August 17th, 2014...Melody took the #ALSicebucketchallenge from fans in Australia, Egypt and the Philippines. They filmed in Walnut Creek, California and to date....these videos all over the world have generated over 15 million for Lou Gehrig's Disease. Melody has two friends who's parents died from this disease. Each view/hit of everyone's video's adds $2 more dollars each time. This was an awesome experience that is now bringing thought to something like Rockstars/Musicians for ALS and/or Rockstars for Autism....the thought is in motion which means the action follows suit.
Peace Out People....Enjoy Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz" with switched up lyrics in this ALS video.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Push America with Steve Lindow...Cycling for Kindness & Love

There's no place like home. I'm truly a California girl always living her dreams! I was born where my friend Steve Lindow is arriving and finishing his cross country cycling journey of love in a few days in#Washington, D.C.....Steve are such an extraordinarily astonishing young man taking on this pursuit. I'm proud to be in your circle of life. You rock & ride....I rock &

My friends & fans....please....for me....for Steve & for your heart...check this young man and his team out...and when the spirit moves you...offer a bit of support that you can right now. This is epic in in his life and is #helping #support so very, very many people with #disabilities whom wouldn't have their #lift in life without these Teams with #PushAmerica. Just do it. Make it happen; Steve is the writing on the wall for our #future. Think about it? I wrote & now sing "#WritingontheWall; Steve is living it right now. A #love & #kindness cause filled with #integrity & #empathy is worthy of your time & your hard earned money.

Steve is a friend who is #President of the Eta Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Phi @ the University of Colorado-- #Boulder. Steve is a #Neuroscience major with a great planned dream in motion to be accepted into medical school at the end of his 2016 school year & continuing that education into the medical professional world. I majored in #music at this same college with plans of becoming a professional musician... Neuroscience truly wasn't in the cards (no pun); however, clearly....#liveyourdreams; they do come true at this school. I'm is Steve already.

Our paths crossed in Alamo, #California when I moved back to California for the 2nd time. He was a lad & I had not "made it" yet as a professional musician....#Poof, I'm an 'overnight' #rockstar & well, history is being made again right now as Steve rides & writes it...Check Steve's world out below:

My love to you doll.....
PALO, Melody Fellows

#Nevergiveup Ever...for any reason
Lastly, this collage...not college lol (english majors) is from time @ KAZY radio station where Rolf & I were gainfully employed spreading music in Denver. Steve is spreading this same message with his heart cycling across our country to benefit people whom need a lift in life.

Rolf's method of living his life with class changed my life with his magical segues of music & life suggestions for my career as it was beginning. Mr. Gunnar's tenure teaching at Conifer High School in Colorado is coming to a close; I can tell all of his students with confidence that you received the best in life to absorb into your lives from him. I know first hand because I did. Less is more....Look at me now.....Looks like I made it....with Rolf's helpful wisdom. Never forget his words to you. Oh won't be able to if you tried...nevermind. :=P Peace Out, Melody

Sadly, the #ChicagoWhiteSox whoops....the Chicago Cubs are still the same....just different. It's best to stick with the band Chicago for your aching hearts. Sorry Rolf....I actually forgot your favorite team...Silly me, tricks are for kids!
Sorry doll.....#Wrigley rocks though! Harry Caray said so! 
#Melody For A #Memory #HallandOates


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to The Melosphere! Love, Strength & Courage Spoken Here. Never Give Up! Ever...

December 16th, 2013—Monday, Monday

In the Melosphere, random #polar bears wander the streets of SanFrancisco & often bump into Melody Fellows & with games people can take them or leave them. In this world, you never give up Ever...for any reason...EVER! Mission Impossible is simply status quo here. Like, *Poof*,  the 8-6 Miami Dolphins beat the 10-4 NewEngland Patriots. Still not clear? It's clear as mud once you've clicked your heels or boots 3 times. Imagine this world mimics OZ! There's no place like home. The Green Bay Packers stun & upset the mocking jaw dropped players of the #DallasCowboys in this world! Green Bay #Intercepts #Romo in the last 1 min 24 sec's twice in the 4th qtr scoring the winning touchdown & may have facilitated those Dallas dropped jaws AND the Vikings beat the Eagles.

Lastly in the Melosphere, Melody'a nominated on Sunday night 48 hours before her Birthday for the 56th Annual #Grammy Awards Gig of a Lifetime.  You can wake up from a nightmare; you can never wake up from a dream you are living...these are the times of our lives in the Melosphere. 

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Never give up! For any reason. Ever! "

This would be one reason why: PIGS FLY; POLAR BEAR'S FLY SKY HIGH TOO!
Polar Opposites Blend the Sea of Love in the Melosphere!

Grama my whole life, Winston Churchill & The XIVth Dalai Lama

Peace Out!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Melody's Music is in a Grammy Cloud for 2014

You can check out my submission of "Just All Right" on YouTube.  Thank you guys for your support. Live your dreams always. The video will be under the "Rock" genre shortly I think. The world can't vote until the 22nd of this month. If I'm chosen as one of the "GOLDEN" few...please, please, please send your love and support to the judges by voting for me. Peace Out!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Excuse Me, While I Kiss the Sky...

Hi all you Rock-n-Rollers....t's break a leg time....that's what they tell us right now....and for a drummer.....not so great a kudo....unless you can play ambidextrously...with thanks, I's good in life too.

For the B side of the record...FB angst peeps sending & aptly not sending pivitol thoughts. Just stop! We all vibe what you feel you believe as truth. 

Ride the wave or dive through it...quit being the wave that crashes on people's lives as they surf their terrain just like you. Everyone crashes while surfing. This is how people learn to surf...LIFE.

Keep casting the stones as you need...A retro Stoned Soul Picnic tune comes to heart & will save the spirit in the glass house.
Poof, you've got the 5th Dimension. Live it. (Great song, look it up)

Lastly, It's better to suck it up than be a 'suck up'. Always do your math...Live your truth man; don't lie... your way into it believing you please everyone but yourself. Thank you Cap'n...#1 is not OUT! Smiling faces. 

10:30pm It's all part...of my rock and roll fantasy...Bad Company...don't keep it...just listen to that band...or Gary Myrick or Trevor Bergero or The Tenderloins and well...Melody Fellows Music...We all rock the music. Pardon Moi', I posted on the ever lucrative Facebook with this information. Do I care? It doesn't matter...I only post truth...and truth be wishes to hear it.

Peace Out on it....or go to iTunes and download a song by Ace....or by's all good.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Full Moon Magic; Sunset Power Coast to Coast 2013—LIQUID GOLD I LIVE

Fly Like a Seagull to the Sea!
Hi guys, this is Melody. Full mooning it right now.

All I can think about with this magnificent full moon this Friday night is music. I just wrote a lyric to finish the chorus and retro calming wind hit me softly with warmth. My music stems from what I absorb cultivating this gift. Retro this:

'The wind blew some luck in my direction
I caught it in my hands today
I finally made a tricky frech connection
You winked and gave me your ok
I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean
And drop the top at Chesapeake Bay
Ain't nothing like the sky to dose a potion
The moon'll send you on your way, ha, ha
Moonlight feels right, moonlight feels right' 

STARBUCK....You're welcome for the 'time travel' down memory lane. STARBUCK the band...not Starbucks the overpriced Java the Hut. The real Joe is Peet's if you're a Californian. I'll be going out for a moonwalk with a cup of Peet's shortly. 

The tide is high and the moon is Full. Friday night 10-18-13
IF you remotely use FB...please go to my page and "Like Me"...I'd rather you LOVE my music but FB doesn't have sense to create that yet. He's a grasshopper; he'll learn. Yes, FB has a presence in my marketing & it would be grand for us all if you'd take the time & "like" this page when you visit....The 'like me' thing has to be over a 100 or I turn into a pumpkin. 

Going Viral & 4 million 'likes' is peachy; however, I didn't get on iTunes to become that presence. I was accepted to iTunes for one reason: I wanted to share the musical magic I play live all around the world to real life fans whom tell us they love it. 

Digitally making a living is challenging and growing. I'm grateful for this Steve Jobs (RIP); however, I may need to go back to touring and playing festivals to promote due to FB.

My tunes are 99 cents on itunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. I'm not on Pandora yet cuz my CD isn't pressed for Amazon's I ask you all whom seem to like all the Instagrams and the 52,000 hits recently....just check out the music. If you like real rock and roll...give it a go. Christmas hovers...stocking stuffer access?

Here's a direct Amazon Link to "The Way it Should Be". If you don't like my music don't like classic great rock and roll; however, I will personally cook a home cooked meal for you should you feel the need to not spend 99 cents to add to your iPhone playlists or Spotify lists for all eternity. It's that good....but so is my cooking so that's a toss up. LOL

The Wind Blew Some Luck in My Direction!
Because my music is now available for purchase on iTunes,
Amazon, CDbaby, SoundCloud, Spotify etc.
Blue Moon Monterey Melody
If you "like" this; Love my music.
I wrote Destiny on this beach this day at this time.
Pure liquid gold. The song just melted into my life.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

If you like my Blog, you'll love my music. Buy any of my original songs on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby or Spotify

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dancing in the Moonlight with KingsHarvest
Maybe I'm dancing in the peacelight; this Universe needs this
The dream is alive; my love is alive. The book is no longer a dream...nor a nightmare. It's time for reality to play out in realtime. I'm excited and scared to death for the aftermath, but I'll cover it all to the hilt...or buy a Ronco Vegamatic and just hit 'blast' and see where it spews. Peace OUt

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Leader of the Pack of Wolves

DOMA....knocked down. Supreme Courts are supreme....I love the Supremes....You can't hurry love. Love is love when time stands still...that's a line from my own tune that does well live at show. does nothing because I won't release it. Go figure. I'll Stop, in the name of love...before you break my heart....THINK IT OVER. I can't wait to DISH the POT calling the kettle black...that's a band somewhere...or it will be in milliseconds....Stay tuned...or don't....I love black sheep...and little bo it's is what it is....Listen to Jimmy Buffett...maybe you'll get a future clue...I know that works well for me....under the 5th, there are some after the first 4? Silly me...tricks are for kids....I live in the city of Brotherly Love....and PROUD of it....I do chase rainbows and waterfalls...but I don't have one on my BMW bumper. If you like music from the last century...maybe you could go to iTunes or Amazon or anything else you're into and check out my music. I really could use just one hit....have another hit...of fresh hit...I mean lame ass Facebook crap....the days of old are totally gone but what's music isn' just have to know where to go here.... Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, Spotify...pick your fave.....Everything is, just all right......Melody Fellows Peace Out

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sittin' by the Dock of the Bay 2013

This is for my cousin, Jack Chaplin & anyone else whom breathes music such as we.... Check out about one of the greatest soul songs ever recorded. This is from a DJ friend of mine...we met working at KAZY/KLZ together in Denver. Those were WKRP years with no doubt! Peace Out

Melody's McDonalds' Nursery Rhyme 2013

Pre-game show....California style. I was a child singing this tune & walked by this spot and * just hit me like a brick house...she's a I still ate fast food that is. I hated it then except french fries. I gave any fast food in my early 2nd decade of life. Mom would scrape off the mustard, pickle, ketchup & the piece of hockey puck pretend meat and give the bread and cheese 'grilled cheese'...A for effort....still nasty to this day in my world but hey...the fries I do miss. Some of you may remember this little ditty? Some of you will "fry" me for the post. No matter, it's reality in motion and it is indeed my reality here. Have fun with the game and please be mindful and safe with any outcome!!!!!! Peace Out & go to YouTube

Melody is accepted to iTunes & Amazon starting today 11-1-12

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Melody is on iTunes, CDbaby & Amazon 12-12-12

WOW, this is a trip so far....I'm on iTunes and Amazon...gotta's just a beginning. Just being on this platform on any level is living my dream. I've made many poor choices in life...I've also made many good ones. Everything is Just All has no way not to be. It will be all right! I just searche "me" on both and it was very freaky to see "me" pop up....Kira in's up. You were my first on air live interview doll....thank you! Just All Right Just All Right ITunes Store: Melody Fellows "The Way it Should Be" Some one said it's the way it should be...don't you know it's the way it should be? 11-3-12

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Everything is Just All Right" iTunes Baby, iTunes

So, here we are....just another trippy day for you...fellas....October 18th, 2012...The Great Pumpkin came early for a Halloween witch...I mean WISH of course...

I am officially on top of the world...the digital media world. I was approved/accepted a few hours ago and this is it. Wow. I cannot believe this is I typing this. This happens to all the other people on earth right? continues to happen to me and this is liquid gold to my life. Verbatim:

Hi Melody

Time for a ticker tape parade!

The Way It Should Be has been finalized for digital distribution and is now in queue to be delivered to our digital partners.

Each of our digital partners has a unique timeline for accepting new content, so delivery schedules will vary. If you're primarily concerned with iTunes, you'll be happy to hear that we'll send your music to them within 24 hours (if we haven't done so already). After that, the amount of time it takes iTunes to make your music available for purchase on their site is beyond our control, but they often take from as little as 48 hours to a max of 1-2 weeks.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Make My Living Off The Evening News.....

I make my living off the evening news. Just give me something—something I can use. People love it when you lose; they love dirty laundry. 

Well I could have been an actor, but I wound up here. I just have to look good; I don't have to be clear. Come and whisper in my ear...give us dirty laundry.

Monday, September 17, 2012

San Francisco Days, San Francisco Nights September 2012

There's no place like home. Oz is sweet. I don't click red shoes for magic to happen...been known to twitch my nose to move it along. Tin Man is a fantastic tune by America. Magic carpet rides are cool. 

I left my heart in San Francisco...Tony Bennett is a gift &...somewhere out on that horizon...out beyond the neon lights....Joe Walsh rocks...and well...the bomb scare wasn't a bomb afterall today. And Dolphins trump Raiders ALWAYS. That is my story...I will always stick with it...or write a song about it and record  later when the spirit in the sky moves me to do it. Peace Out...The End 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blue Moon...You Saw Me Standing Alone......

Blue Moon...You Saw Me Standing Alone......

Well, I won't be alone at all....the moon will be blue moon tomorrow. Do you know the way to Monterey? Yeah, I know, it's Do You Know the Way to San Jose' and Dionne sings it and Burt Bachrach wrote and well....I'm living it and making it Monterey....Pacific Grove....Lover's Point....First Awakenings....PEACE FROG.....OUT

Nothing is more important than time you give yourself to give to someone else. Pereiod. For no reasons or accolades for doing so..above & beyond or not...just your best. Create it; be it. Guess what you build? Building your character creates a better world. PEACE & LEAP FROGGING OUT

Monday, June 25, 2012

"It's just another manic Monday; I wish it was Sunday"...I'd say that too, but it isn't for, it's grammatically incorrect. So, I'll say I wish it "WERE" Sunday instead and honor my grandmother for sharing her wealth of knowledge with me.

Yesterday, is the date Magick died in 2004. He was my Russian Blue cat for 18 years. I loved him and not one thing has changed there accept time. What is cool is Mike, not the one to whom I married but the one to whom I dated...he sent me a fabo email reflecting Magicks love and even spelled it correctly...Magick. Do you believe in magic? Nice tune by the way too.

It is no wonder whatsoever yesterday's morning was so incredibably wonderful to me. My heart was with Magick and I did something he SO loved...watched the birds from the porch. He probably wished to dine on them too. 2 Lovebirds, a few Hummingbirds and birds of nature I know not doing the actual chirping of a song of beauty to me only as I sat on my front porch in the morning hours. Kinda freaked me out a bit. I shot a 25 second video with audio of the whole thing & it's posted on YouTube, Facebook & Tweeted a little about it. That's a first too. I don't "do" that shit in general. Why, because I'm too busy living the rest of this tune to write it all out to show I actually was here to sing it too. A song by the Young Rascals was playing in my head in the early morning and I couldn't figure it out the meaning of why it popped into my head..."it's a beautiful morning, I think I'll go outside for awhile...and smile...the birds are singing their song" and POOF....I go out on the porch I NEVER go out on to pretty much ever...clear off some cobwebs and a lot of nature's tree dew and I just sat their as a fan of the birds....not the Byrds....just beautiful birds. Hummingbird don't fly away, fly away don't fly away. And they didn't.

Anyway, I've not been a morning person in general and obviously have missed this visual and audible beauty from my porch for almost 2 decades in the morning. 

Well, so Morning has Broken.....and I'm not so I'm outta her. Later.

Peace Out

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Leap Year—Go ahead and Jump February 29th, 2012

So, if Van Halen can kiss and make up...they're coming here in June 2012 twice....then why can't you with me? You know who you are. I'll spare the names and protect the not so innocent...that would be me of course, not you.

Leaping comes around every 4 years for the divisible by 4 years thing cuz Julius Caeser said so in...a...45bc....SO, they'll be no leaping for you toddlers or embryo's whom may be hanging around for 2100, they didn't leap in 1900 either...I don't 'do' math past Algebra 1...besides, I keep great time and that's all a drummer worth their weight in gold drumsticks needs. If you can count to 4 or 2 twice and repeat to infinity.....or even 25 or 6 to'll be in Chicago in no time. I'm pretty sure that was an SAT question once. If you'd like to make sure I'm not lying and need proof I can count...go to my website and download one of my tunes. They're still free until my management looks at my own financial statements.

Peace Out....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Peace in the Eye of the Storm

EDITING....stage left....or maybe walk to your nearest exit? You know, I love viewing, processing and editing other bands live footage or even people's home movies/video...and frankly, it's pretty cool I do this really well; however, I LOATHE in every which way but loose viewing, processing & editing my own live stage performances. I absolutely LOATHE this and am unanimous in this opinion. Normally, other people are responsible for this in life and I'd get the final cut and say "cool or no way"...Well.....I'm "other people" right now. Ugh.....pugged....I am doing this and it is pretty cool. I'm following my own little ol' self & leading the way by living what I share with other people when they tell me they're afraid to do something they know they need to make happen. So, I'm living what I teach. I sure the hell don't & won't ever preach. I'm diving into this tumultuous wave with all blinders on and it's strange because I see crystal clear in the wake. I'm not remotely above water and am deep in the eye of storm. I'm moving with the storm though and taking the turns and dodging the hits as needed. I like this game. I play it well as long as I'm on key and okay with being the change when the key doesn't fit. That's it. Peace out

Sunday, January 01, 2012

It's the time of the season for loving.....or Leaping through 2012

Peace, it's back by popular demand

Look Through the Window

What the world needs now, is love.....sweet love. It's the only thing, that there's just too little of......and how about we all just Look Through the Window....tell me what do you see? A beautiful planet......peace and harmony......Look Through the Window.......enter apropriate music here. Make it up if you don't already know it.

Peace Out as we slide into 2012

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peace Warriors

Help heal a single soul or a single spirit. "Gift yourself" right now. Give your time to a person, non profit or group whom will reap what you will give them donating your expertise. You only get what you give. Give yourself to help anothers life this season. Just do it.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

LOVE ME LIKE A 2012 ROCK of all ages

Hey, shut up....don't lie to me...if you don't love me why don't you fade away? Ok, well....this little quip really works; don't say it out loud for cryin' out loud unless you're willing to live it. For me, it's a truth be known, not told. I continue to create what is needed along the path no matter which path I find myself walking, running, strolling, skipping or slip sliding away. Right now, I'm living the cliche' 'you can't pick your family, but you can choose your friends'. I have to add 'fans' to my cliche' I guess. Some of them through time, became friends.

The path still has numerous boulders to scale, jump, side swipe or smack right into in lieu of dodging some. I take them all on only when necessary. Sticks and stones may break the bones but boudlers can crush me if I let them so...I pick and choose the boulders on the path.

Surgeries seem to play roles like trips down memory lane I'll choose to forget sooner than later.....The whole "she's got a screw loose" thing is a valid thought. The screws loose in String Theory fashion are titanium....plates. The jawbone's connected to the tooth bone...the tooth bone's connected to the maxillofacial bone blah blah blah...It grew back with a bit of a bummer learning that takes 1/2 a year.

Well, 2012... out here in California right now, it's sunny and warm like spring...hmmm, last year this same time we set a record in San Francisco's East Bay for rain fall. It hasn't rained in June since 1992 hence...Juneuary. My Z3's driver seat was filled with water when I came out from coffee to the car. I'll have to get over this surgery thing and find someone to seal the convertible top by the window with some silicone so that water doesn't drip in. It usually rains inside my house too. I've sat with the umbrella up and pots and pans on the floor catching the water as it falls. Right now, the tarps are keeping it dry inside here and am happy for this. I would love to have a real roofer do the job, but for is not gowing on my trees that are taking over due to all the rain. Funny, it's good I love water, the ocean, walking in the rain on Siesta Key or Boracay getting drenched. The wood to burn in the backyard behind the pool is completely dry and stacked perfectly and covered with their own tarps with perfection....yet it rains in my car while I drive and it rains inside my living room but wood is dry so I can fight fire with fire in my fire hazard property needing the landscape people. I've gotta find some money to pay these guys to make my place no longer a fire hazard. I just found out there are 2 previous Christmas trees in the very back of the property. I thought they had been discarded....that was the anwer when I asked those years. I can't even fathom how fast this would all go with a careless match. I don't smoke, it won't be mine. Putting this one on the front pun. I walked my property yesterday with intent to gather a bunch of the dead branches I could carry to burn in the fireplace during these cold rainy days for the next few. I've been extremely neglectful in this area of late.

My nephew or technically 1st cousin once removed graduated from High School today from Fishers High School in Indiana. I so wish I could have gone and had a ticket from the ticket I blew for his Eagle Scout badge ceremony. What a fantastic spirit this one. I'm so sad I couldn't make either work with the bombs going off last year and now the boulder jumping goin on this year.

Well, I truly do not know why I upkeep this Paper Blog Writer thing since last Century. Perhaps it's just that I talk to myself when there's no one left to talk to...people aks me why, why I do the things I do....Okay, I don't echannel Bobby Brown very well but hey, it's my preogative. :-P Maybe, I just like to talk to myself?

Thunder only happens when it's raining.....well, I hear that is true...but it does not thunder here, it just rains. No lighting strikes either. Now Florida is a different story and fits the first line. I've got a Twitter account with 4 people which is stellar in my book. I don't follow, I lead and hanging with leaders is fantastic period. Be a leader, always.

Peace out People...if you know my new phone # that began today January 1, 2012....then we're connected.

Peace and love out...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ho Ho Ho---Go GIANTS

Full moon's obviously work very, very well for California and any wandering Giants spiralling ecstatically toward homebase right now. Ah hoooh Werewolves of London...huh, draw blood.......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Breeze

This world is rocking more than rolling near July, 2010 in more ways than one

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jared & Zef: Fly High Freebirds

Wow, 3 months after Jared left this world on July 13th, 2009...I went to another "viewing" for my friend Zef Castillo. Both men had cancer; however, neither one of them gave up their spirit. Live our lives & stay impeccable with to our word no matter how tough or hard life may be at any given moment personally. This does not always go smoothly of course, but never give up...words like "can't &; no" don't need to gain creedence in any clear waters. Jared called me shortly before he died; he told me I was his pillar & that he could always count on me to be there for him. We were talking pretty deep about some issues and he point blank told me I can't give up. He said, "I know it's selfish, but then who will I have? You can't give up". Well, that pretty much put a hell of a lot in perspective right away. There is no way I take his or anyone else's perception of this strength lightly. I'm living my own advice I feel in life right now. It's easier said than done. There is always a way to create and live your dreams.... just "do it"....but man....This is so not easy at all. I know there is always a way to reach out and be there...even for yourself when that's needed..."Whenever you call me, I'll be there". Take the time and make the time. Do the right things while you are following your heart and reach out---not in...this is the power of love. It does not matter if others don't reach out or back to you. That's a perception that shouldn't carry weight like the proverbial albatross around your neck. Sharing your heart rather than closing it off brings smiles for anyone through the miles. Fly high like my free birds. I'm holding your love in my heart.... this really is a gift for me that does keep on giving! Never give up......
Peace and love out to you both...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Peace Mission

Jared Edmund Raye Teigen,
You are 25 years old this summer of 2009. July 13th/14th, left following your quest for peace. The day the first man walked on the moon 40 years ago July 20th, 1969 is the same date so many of your friends and family of friends gathered together & honored your presence in their lives held in Southern California. Both are equal in unbelievability that the experience even occured in our worlds.

Your favorite song when you were 5 or 6 was "California Dreaming"; all is how it should be. Whether you are with me in Phoenix, AZ or our altering Gaza Egypt dream, Amsterdam, Siesta Key, Fla or Denver, are simply forever in my heart and in my soul.....I will miss you, but "you" are very near. I will finish the (not done) song you gave me for Christmas "Behind Every Corner". You will always be my first born #1 pseudo son. Love has no limitations; let's continue The Peace Mission. Carry on wayward son! I love you with all of my heart.