Thursday, March 30, 2017

Music is Life's Art in Motion

A lyric from one of my tunes "Someday never comes; the rainy day is here now". You do not "try" to do anything. Instant excuse for why you didn't "do" what you were going to do. It's Yoda here "there is no try; just do". It's true. Loved your post. I chose to live my dreams at a very, very young age. Single digits. Younger people maybe should check into their souls rather than their cells knowing that their hearts will have no fuel should they not follow their passion and live their dreams. Never give up, for any never give up. Peace Out, Melody Fellows Music 
Here I go again....

I sang this for Janis on the 46th Anniversary of her passing October 4th, 1970. Mercedes Benz by me in 2016 in California and Florida...Coast to Coast Tribute. My area in Northern California I learned through her sister Laura's book that Janis LOVED it here. Music rocks.
Is is Live or is it Memorex? Is it Janis or is it Melody? It was my honor to release this. Peace Out People