Friday, February 10, 2017

The Future of Music is Here; Listen in the Key of Balance!

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower power flashing this way. The future of music is indeed here; live in the key of balance first. Tapping the souls of new generations by using space for a beautiful harmony to bridge the gap in these troubled times creates the love needed to keep our love alive to thrive. Live your truth & peace and rise to the higher side of comfort living our life between the keys. Music heals fractured spirits & broken hearts; we are now in a make the waves era in society; the surf is up people... beyond the likes of any waves you've ever seen or surfed at a Mavericks competition in Half Moon Bay, CA

Dive straight away into the tumultuous waves rising right now and erase your fear of the unknown. We must be the change; the change does not change our passion...It fuels it. We have the power and inspiration to right any wrongs and add to the love maybe we all would like to see happen within all people all over the world...on a love train. Mainly....You Never Give Up—Ever...for any reason. Music is a life saver; always return to the source when you're low on fuel & recharge often.

Sometimes, you have to turn it down to turn it up.
We can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
Love is love everybody; there is no color or party lines. We see crystal clear 24/7 when your heart lives mindfully toward peace, not divided hate
We the people are not just drops in our Pacific ocean; we're also the ocean behind the drops when we are united as one.

Music also serves up love; it grooves to your soul uniting people with no language barriers simply by sharing the gift of song. Music calms contentious protests; many just began to sing in Berkeley earlier this month rather than rip each others throats apart from pain and fear by both sides wishing to exercise their free speech rights. Hate and pain does not make nor get any point across.

Freedom of speech through these paths leads to nothing but additional heightened hate and zero positivity or anything constructively accomplished. Committing ourselves to continue to inspire the next generation of people whom also deeply care about life, our country, the world, our earth is the key to being the change; live your example.

Peter Frampton retro tune "Oh won't me the way...everyday?"
There happens to be more power in words than there are in destroying property that is not yours so you can blow a little steam and feel you've made a point and got your 15 minutes of fame as they haul you off to jail after being tear gasses and tasered.

Music is universal and everyone speaks it. Music is felt; it's not just heard. Ask any person challenged with hearing loss. Music is felt...bones are conductors of it should one have lost their hearing.
Continue to grow with our earth while standing tall to protect it, and stand for something larger than yourself
Practice situational awareness and react accordingly to how that situation is affecting the people around you & resist the temptation to think first about how things are affecting you. Practice peace and mindful thinking the next time a choice arises to speak to your convictions and do so without harm, pain and destruction.

10-4-2016 Impromptu Tribute one the 46th Anniversary of Janis' passing. I sang the last song she ever recorded. It happened to be that coming Tuesday night and I knew I had to just make it happen in her honor. It was epic to my heart. I contacted her sister Laura and brother Mike to let them know my intent to honor her legacy with a song I've been told I do wicked justice to it. I never really knew that; I sing from my soul. I tap into that passion from there.

Peace Out to you! Melody