Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 creating Peace, Note by Note!

Turn out the lights, turn out the lights. I barely made this fave day from 'get outta Denver baby go, go' by a hair on my Witchy-poo chin...barely made it. Slept a few winks...3 or 4 & rise & shine...NOT. I rose from the sleepwalking dead, no costume, nothing prepared cuz I'd flown out on a whim for a show and do a show and cut it close to make sure I was here at the Hotel Home Sweet Home. I truly missed here and now my heart is not left in San Franciso or anywhere else...Home really is where your heart is period. So, I pieced this little ditty together costume with Lindsey Buckingham for President and then sung a little ditty before all the little kiddies started showing up tonight...minus the two men...

ok, I'll call them young but they had mustaches and beards...not peach fuzz with baritones Pavarotti might enjoy. Maybe the disguises were to hide from the fuzz? Truth be told, there was no peach fuzz. These two were 20 at best. All the others were so joyful and it's so cool that even though I didn't think I could be here, it happened anyway..despite or inspite of me. LOL
I had to create my own magic with all the scary and spooky things lurking about yesterday and pretty much the whole trip. Life is a trip; it's not a cliche'. I still can learn to know that's I've only ust begun & I don't know diddly squat...I do know Bo Diddly Rocked.

Peace & Love Out to you & espcially everyone on the stormy weather delayed flight last night. It was nice meeting and riding the storm out while the Captain rose above it. Fly high....Freebird. Live your dreams; live your truth. Rock & Roll & Vote your Goal. Create where you & our America to be & VOTE!
SPECIAL NOTE FROM MELODY: Grateful thanks to the Captain & Crew of United Airlines flight last night. Your pure brilliance & sheer magical Great Pumpkin love..our full plane of passengers & your crew are ghouling it with big Great Pumpkin Grins. You chose to rise above the storm clouds.
That's a lesson I've always known & seldom conquer...I know firsthand this is pure truth. Calm....
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