Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fireworks 2016

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way with "Just All Right" receiving a Grammy Nomination. I pinch myself often. I feel music behind the lyrics. I don't hear melody. I feel it.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, Game 7 of the NBA's Championship game between our Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers. Talk about down to bird on the wire. Most importantly, the moon is nearly full like the photo below & it's in a full tilt moon boogie on Monday which is the first day of Summer Breeze...makes me feel fine....My Peace & Love Still Out There to Orlando's Pulse Nightclub massacre victims, family & friends!

Peace returns with the truth unfolding; hundreds if not thousands of silent vigils are being held throughout America & all around the world. We are all angels together sending love & empowerment. Words are not necessary; neither are wings for the message we're delivering to the world. Music heals & empowers our souls to thrive & shine through the darkness.
Peace & Love Out, Melody