Monday, November 10, 2014

BMI Affiliated Artist Melody Fellows is part of the Family 11-7-14

This is a sweet musical freight train to be riding in the 21st century. I'm beyond grateful for the empowering flower shower powers sparkling my way. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Well guys, one of the most exciting things happened to me yesterday. BMI accepted my music as one of their BMI Affiliated Artists now under contract with them immediately. 77% of all the winners of this year's CMA Awards are all BMI Affiliated Artists. I cannot begin to even describe how I feel right now on any level other than again, it's time to hit my surrealistic pillow and make sure I'm not just dreaming. I woke up today and actually got online to read their letter of congratulations to me just to make sure. Yep, I really did. I actually do live my dreams. My agent knows, 4 friends in CA and a Barista. I've not even told my family. I guess I have to just make sure this is all really real? Or not...I don't know.

Last week, Taylor Swift re-signed with BMI. This is my first time under contract with BMI. or anybody for that matter as I had always been an Indie Artist doing quite well in many foreign countries.  I am more than stoked and even more than surreal. 

I too am removing myself from Spotify like 1,000's of songwriters and proud to be with BMI. Their CEO has been meeting with the DOJ to address Congress with regard to coming into the 21st century: artist's are being screwed and new laws need to address internet radio airplay for artist royalties. Spotify made 794,000 from my music, and I received my 1st royalty check for $13.18.  Taylor Swift made 7 million and Spotify made 19 million etc...This is just criminal.  The laws are still written from 20th century standards and this new medium for music well...I've not even been on iTunes for 2 years yet. This is how new it is and why all the new internet stations are paying artists .02 cents. No typo. LOL

I sing for smiles when I can out of love for the countries in which my music is very popular; I don't sing for the things money can't buy. I do need to eat & pay my mortgage too & all any of us are screaming for is to be paid fairly for our craft...Musicians airing on 100's of Internet Radio Stations right now such as I need 21st century laws in place for us. I appreciate all my new fans listening to my passion in life....songwriting. There is no doubt here, and I humbly thank you for your support because it is you who've gotten me to BMI. 

I'd like to request my newer fans and those from the very start  when this music freight train began to go ahead and hit my "Melody Fellows Music" Facebook "LIKE tab  
& "FOLLOW" me on Twitter 

And Instagram The more support my music gets from everyone posting how much they enjoy my music  the more it draws attention to gigantic entities such as BMI....And *Poof*...look what happens. Hitting those 3 mediums isn't too daunting; nevertheless, I'm leaving their links for ease on searching this request to you. This gives my music the advertisers Exorcist "head spin" good cause to support to continue recording and share the only gift worth sharing I've got.....Me, the writing of the best tunes I have in my heart, spirit and soul.

Man, I'm truly blown away....I always knew I'd be a rock star from single digit years. I let less supportive comments from some family to pierce sometimes, when actually....totally, this inspired me to persist even stronger. Two comments still fuel me to this day: "when are you gonna be a real rock star" and "maybe voice lessons would help" These comments to this moment I see as my gifts and fueled my young & older soul. Well, my 'fanily'....Your support is unbelievably overwhelming and that support got me here. 

Yes, I AM A ROCKSTAR. Let's see...On 12-12-12, my music was accepted by iTunes.  Dec 2013, "Just All Right" airing on YouTube  at

 was nominated for Best Unsigned Independent Artist/Live Performance. This is a new category honoring the 21st century for Indie Artists carving their own path that caused the Grammy's to create an entry for these artists.  And now...Yesterda....11-7-14 I am a confirmed, accepted member of BMI affiliated Artists happily flying with their wingspan...Lastly I donated and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge frenzy in August 2014. This also is on YouTube.

Never give up in or on your life's passion and dreams. Always live & speak your truth. 
Peace Out to you and thank everyone of you who's listening to my music on your fave Internet stations and sending so much fan mail support!  You do indeed make a difference to my life and empower me to continue to grow where I'm planted. Peace Out to you, Melody Fellows